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Comprehensive Car Care, Inc. Seasonal Special

Our “Year Round” Seasonal Special…

After hour drop-off and pick-ups are available!
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Auto inspection

Change Oil and Oil Filter  *
Check and Top Off Fluids: **
   (Anti Freeze, Power Steering Fluid,
Transmission Fluid, Brake Fluid
   and Washer Fluid)

Evaluate Anti-Freeze Strength
Inspect Drive Belts and Hoses
Load Test Battery
Rotate and Inspect Tires

(Front Tires Balanced for an Additional $10.00)
Inspect Brakes, Lines, and Hydraulics

Inspect Exhaust System
Inspect Steering, Suspension, Axles and Boots


* Includes Up To 5 qts. Of Oil - Synthetic Oil Extra - Oil Filters for some cars extra. 

** Includes Up To 1 Gallon Washer Solvent